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Do It: Festival time

By Kristina Alda | Prague Daily Monitor |
2 July 2009

Nothing says summer music festival like the crunch of plastic beer cups underfoot and the crush of sweaty bodies in a moshpit. Summer festivals have mushroomed across the Czech Republic, especially over the last ten years. Although some, like Rock for People or Colours of Ostrava, have been successful in bringing in big-name acts, many of the events feature the same handful of Czech bands, and it's becoming hard to tell them apart. But as with any summer festival, the atmosphere, the location and the people are as important as the music. So even if your favourite band isn't playing, you might find an event worth checking out.

Coming up this weekend is Rock for People, which runs from 4 to 6 July. The biggest draws will probably be Placebo, the Arctic Monkeys and Gogol Bordello, which might as well move to the Czech Republic since they play here so often. Tickets cost CZK 1,250 in advance or CZK 1,500 at the venue. One-day tickets are CZK 850 and CZK 1,000 respectively.

Here is a list of the biggest festivals held in the Czech Republic this month:

3 to 4 July

4 to 7 July
Rock for People

9 to 12 July
Colours of Ostrava

12 to 13 July (The festival then moves from Prague to other Czech towns; the last event is held in České Budějovice 19 July)
Bohemia Jazzfest

16 July

17 to 19 July
Mighty Sounds

For other festival tips, see Ticketpro.

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