Thursday, 17 April 2014

Former Czech PM sued over statements on Islam

8 July 2011

Prague, July 7 (CTK) - Retired politician Milos Zeman, Czech prime minister in 1998-2002, faces a criminal complaint over the statements on Islam he made in June at an international conference on Europe.

"The enemy is the anti-civilisation spreading from North Africa to Indonesia. Two billion people live in it and it is financed partly from oil sales and partly from drug sales," Czech news servers quoted Zeman as saying about Islam at the recent conference.

Zeman said Thursday Muslims believe in the Koran like Nazis believed in racial supremacy and anti-semitism and communists in class struggle and dictatorship of the proletariat.

He said Islam is far more aggressive and intolerant than present Christianity, Buddhism, Confucianism and other world religions.

He added that the Koran includes passages calling for the subjugation, enslavement and even elimination of non-believers.

Zeman has been known for his strong statements.

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I see nothing wrong with what the retired politician Milos Zeman said.

In fact, I completely agree and hope that the court dismisses this case.

Dragged before a tribunal or court for speaking the truth? Sounds very much like the actions of Fascists and Stalinists to me. Have those henchmen of suffocating political correctness not learned that freedom of speech is a basic human right? And that freedom of speech certainly means saying what the other does not like to hear?

If we'd only allow freedom to say nice things, we're back in the dark ages under the inquisition. Then millions died for nothing in countless wars - if we let the left PC brigade get away with that judicial nonsense.

Mr Zeman is spot on with his remarks - as everyone with a basic understanding of history, methods and aims of Islamism will readily confirm.

Like Geert Wilder's case, this will most likely create an enormous amount of PR and open up more minds and eyes in the West to the true nature of Islamism and what we're up against.

Speaking about shooting oneself in the own foot!