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Court sends doctor accused of sexual violence into custody

1 September 2011

Prague, Aug 31 (CTK) - A Prague court Wednesday sent into custody doctor Jaroslav Bartak, whom police accused of seven criminal offences in connection with sexual attacks on his female assistants, his lawyer Klara Slamova has told journalists.

She said Bartak has filed a complaint against the decision.

Slamova said the court identified itself with the proposal of the state attorney's office and sent Bartak into custody for all three legal reasons, namely that he could flee, approach witnesses or continue his criminal activities.

This means that Bartak cannot be released on bail for the time being.

The co-owner of a Prague clinic is prosecuted for sexual coercion, rape, extortion, unlawful restraint, dangerous threatening, bodily harm and the illegal production and handling of narcotics and psychotropic substances and poisons.

The police say the target of these offences were his personal assistants.

Six people have filed a criminal complaint against him. He faces up to ten years in prison if found guilty.

The Prague police detained Bartak at Ruzyne airport on his return from a holiday on Saturday. They accused him after a questioning of several hours.

The 48-hour deadline within which a proposal for a person's remanding in custody was interrupted over Bartak's health condition.

He was taken to hospital because his health condition worsened.

Bartak was released on Tuesday morning.

The scandal was triggered by one of his former assistants. She reported to the police that Bartak maltreated her during a working trip to the Philippines where he beat and sexually assaulted her and threatened to kill her.

Bartak was tried over violence caused to young women in the past. In December 2007, he allegedly brutally beat up his assistant. The court adjudged a compensation to her.

Bartak has repeatedly made indecent comments on his case for the media since the affair erupted.

The professional Czech Doctors' Chamber (CLK) and the health centre in Prague that Bartak partially owns have distanced themselves from him.

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