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Czech naked dancers must get dressed before Ukrainian first lady

10 October 2011

Kiev, Oct 9 (CTK) - Organisers partly censored a performance with naked dancers of a Czech ballet troupe at the 18th festival World Ballet Stars in Donetsk, Ukraine, Ukrainian server writes Sunday.

The Czech troupe was to perform the dance Mary's Dream in which male dancers eventually strip naked, but organisers forbade this and the performers had to keep their briefs, the server said.

The organisers wanted to comply with the prudish taste of Ukrainian First Lady Lyudmila Yanukovich who is the festival's patron.

"At the end of Mary's Dream, the dancers are quite exposed before Mary," Radu Poklitaru, the founder of the Kiev Modern Ballet theatre, told the server.

"At the beginning of the festival in Kiev on September it was really so, but in Donetsk the dancers had to put on the briefs," said Poklitaru, a participant in the festival.

"I do not understand why the Donetsk audience was so offended. In my view it is hypocrisy," Poklitaru said.

"No woman can wish to see a man in his pants when entering the bedroom," Poklitaru added.

Lyudmila Yanukovich was present at the opening of the festival in Donetsk. Evidently, the organisers were afraid that a look at naked male bodies could offend her. Hence their censoring the ballet, writes.

Two years ago, Lyudmila Yanukovich left a theatre prematurely because male striptease was shown in the performances Ladies Night, it adds.

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