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Jewish groups protest promotion of intolerance

13 December 2011

Prague, Dec 12 (CTK) - The Jewish Federations' Community, the Prague Jewish Community and the Jewish Museum yesterday protested against what they called fomenting of intolerance in the Czech Republic in reaction to a speech Czech Muslim Lukas Vetrovec has given in the mosque in Brno.

An audio with the speech has appeared on the Internet.

Jewish organisations' leaders say Vetrovec's statements are militant and pose a threat, mainly to Jews.

The Jewish leaders said they feel surprised and indignant at Vetrovec citing old texts and speaking about the killing of arch foes, who are allegedly Jews. He also mentions Palestine and its occupation.

The Jewish organisations' leaders consider Vetrovec's statements in this context an open threat.

In his speech he also played down the Holocaust and offended Holocaust victims' memory, the Jewish leaders said, adding that the Czech Muslim community tends to take permanent sharp anti-Semitic stands linked to the Middle East agenda.

It is inadmissible for religious intolerance to be fomented in the Czech Republic. Measures should be taken to prevent it, the authors of the Jewish protest said.

Lukas Lhotan, a Czech moderate Muslim who has posted Vetrovec's speech on the Internet, said he considers the Jewish organisations' reaction an appeal for the resignation of the local Muslim leaders who are responsible for the toleration of Islamist extremism in the Czech Muslim organisations.

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