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Oldest Czech turns 108

16 February 2012

Divci Hrad, North Moravia, Feb 15 (CTK) - yesterday is the 108th birthday of Evangelia Carasova, the oldest Czech citizen who, nevertheless, comes from Greece and has lived in northern Moravia for more than six decades, her daughter Polyxeni Candasova told journalists.

Carasova was born in Greece on February 15, 1904.

In 1949, her family fled the Greek civil war to the then Czechoslovakia via Albania. Since 1950 she has lived in a house that a Sudeten German family vacated after World War Two.

No big birthday celebrations are held in Carasova's house, decorated with a small Greek flag, yesterday.

"We'll host a party in summer when all relatives will arrive, including from Greece," says Candasova, who cares for her mother.

Now that tough frosts reign in the Czech Republic, Carasova heats only one room in her house, in which she spends all days sleeping, eating and watching TV.

She prefers watching dance programmes on Greek channels and popular TV series on Czech channels, Candasova said.

"I'm well. If the weather is fine, I go out, otherwise I sit [at home]. I'm old, I do nothing," said Carasova, and her daughter translated her words into Czech for journalists.

Although Carasova has lived for decades in Moravia and she understands Czech, she has never used the Czech language to speak. Her relatives say this is probably because she has always lived only with and for her family, talking to them in Greek.

Carasova can neither read nor write. Before leaving Greece, the Caras family lived in the mountains, kept sheep and goats. Her husband was a shepherd.

After moving to northern Moravia, Carasova worked in agriculture.

Candasova said her mother likes Greek as well as Czech meals, and she is not fussy about her food at all. She has never drunk alcohol.

Carasova has five children and 20 grandchildren, great grand children and great great grandchildren. Her relatives are "scattered" all over the Czech Republic and some of them live in Greece. The whole family regularly meets in the granny's house in Divci Hrad, near the Polish border, in summers.

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