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Depardieu shoots in Chotěšov convent

7 March 2012

Chotesov, West Bohemia, March 6 (CTK) - Renowned French film star Gerard Depardieu arrived in the Chotesov Baroque convent complex yesterday to shoot some scenes for a new film after Victor Hugo's novel The Man Who Laughs.

The abandoned convent, a national cultural heritage sight dating back to the 13th century, is spectacular despite being in the state of disrepair and only gradually restored by the Chotesov municipality.

Its interior is reportedly to be a torture room in Jean-Pierre Ameris's film in which Gepardieu plays a travelling actor.

The film shooting in Chotesov will last a few days, for which the convent will be closed to tourists.

Apart from Chotesov, Depardieu will shoot some scenes at other places near the west Bohemian capital Plzen.

Chotesov "starred" in a foreign film once before in the past. It was Bad Company, Joel Schumachers's U.S.-Czech coproduction thriller from 2002 with Anthony Hopkins in the main role.

The sum the film producer will pay to the town of Chotesov for film shooting is to be spent on further repairs of the convent from which nuns were expelled by the communist regime. For many years the convent hosted the military which abandoned it, totally devastated, in 1973. The ruin was left practically untouched until after the 1989 fall of communism when it started to be renewed step by step.

Depardieu, 63, shot film scenes in western Bohemia twice in the past. He shot the Les Miserables series and the Last Holiday series in the Plasy monastery and in the spa town of Karlovy Vary, respectively.

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