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Overall number of abortions, miscarriages falls in CzechRep

23 April 2012

Prague, April 20 (CTK) - The number of abortions slightly increased in the Czech Republic in 2011, reaching 24,055, which is 57 more than in the previous year, but the overall number of abortions and miscarriages declined by 409 to 38,864, according to fresh statistical data.

The number of miscarriages dropped by 344 to 13,637, the data released by the Institute for Health Information and Statistics (UZIS) show.

The number of ectopic pregnancy cases has dropped as well.

Single women, women with secondary education and mothers of two children prevailed among those seeking abortion.

Of all abortions and miscarriages, 6.6 percent involved foreigners.

The number of abortions has been steadily declining owing to a wider offer and rising availability of contraception.

In 1990, its number reached 109,361. It was the lowest, 23,998, in 2010.

Similarly, the overall number of abortions and miscarriages, which also includes ectopic pregnancies and other types of abortion, such as illegal abortion, has been declining as well.

No illegal abortion was registered last year.

Experts believe that the relatively high number of miscarriages is linked to the growing number of wanted and planned pregnancies. The age of pregnant women has been growing as well. More than a half of them are women aged 30 and more, which is no optimal age for pregnancy from the biological point of view, experts say.

A total of 14,772 miscarriages were registered in the country in 1990. Their number continued to decline until 1996 when 10,296 of them were registered. It has been rising since, with the exception of the decline last year.

As more and more couples live together unmarried and the number of children born out of wedlock is increasing, the share of single women among those undergoing abortion or miscarriage is rising as well. Last year it was for the first time that single women prevailed in this respect.

As far as miscarriages alone are concerned, almost 50 percent of them involved married women.

The number of abortions and miscarriages involving foreigners reached 2571 in the Czech Republic last year, 88 fewer than in 2010. Most of these foreigners came from Prague and Central Bohemia, the regions with the highest numbers of foreign residents.

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