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VV defector Peake to establish new party

25 April 2012

Prague, April 24 (CTK) - Deputy Prime Minister Karolina Peake, elected for the Public Affairs (VV), she left last week, has taken some steps in order to establish a new party, such as the creation of its preparatory committee that met for the first time Tuesday, Peake has said in a press release.

"The technicalities required to form a party such as its rules, name, signatures and a transparent account for its financial management were dealt with," Peake said.

Along with her, the committee includes deputies Lenka Andrysova, Jiri Rusnok and Martin Vacek (all VV defectors) and Pavel Kotrba.

The preparations are at the very beginning.

"We have divided our tasks and we discussed what should be done now in order to establish the party," Andrysova has told CTK.

The preparatory committee must ensure sufficient signatures to have the party registered with the Interior Ministry.

Andrysova said there was a number of proposed party names.

The VV split last week when Peake, until then VV deputy chairwoman, announced she is leaving the VV because she does not agree with the situation in the party.

The party was dominated by Vit Barta, VV deputy group head until he was convicted of bribery on April 13.

This has brought about a crisis in the government that terminated its coalition government, consisting of the ODS, TOP 09 and the VV, on Tuesday.

Peake said she and her grouping were ready to back the government. Prime Minister Petr Necas (Civic Democratic Party, ODS) wants to rely on the former VV deputies.

On Friday, a vote of confidence will be taken in the Chamber of Deputies. According to the latest information, the government is likely to win the vote, but Peake has not found enough deputies to found a group in the Chamber of Deputies, for which ten are needed.

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