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Number of Czech transplants, donors goes down in 2011

27 April 2012

Prague, April 26 (CTK) - The number of transplants decreased in 2011 due to a lower number of deceased organ donors in the Czech Republic and more money is needed for the transplant programme to be successful, Prague's Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine (IKEM) director Ales Herman said Thursday.

Herman said the last year's number of organ donors has been the lowest since 2003.

While there were 206 deceased Czech organ donors thanks to whom doctors could save patients' lives in 2010, the number of donors fell to 185 in 2011, he said.

About one thousand persons are on the Czech waiting lists at present, most of them needing a kidney (686), a new heart (91), liver (72), pancreas (60) and lung (39).

One deceased donor may provide up to seven organs.

As there are not enough kidney donors among those who die, IKEM has been putting more stress on a programme seeking living donors.

Czech Transplant Society head Eva Pokorna said one of the reasons why waiting lists are so long and numbers of donors lower than needed is the bad functioning of the network of donor coordinators that are to help hospitals introduce the system of seeking donors and taking care of them.

"The creation of this network was a good idea, but it did not win sufficient financial support," Pokorna said.

In 2011, 64 percent of Czech transplantations were performed in IKEM, which would like to perform up to 70 percent of the transplantations and become the Czech national transplant centre.

Herman said IKEM saved 160 million crowns in the heart programme last year through savings and more effective purchases. This money would have to be paid by the health insurance companies otherwise, he added.

IKEM wants to get this money back from the health insurers now and invest it in its transplant programmes.

This year, IKEM plans to perform 360 transplants of heart, liver, kidney, pancreas and islets of Langerhans, which are a part of pancreas. The total costs of these transplants are 340 million crowns.

Herman said IKEM calculated the prices of organ transplants, including taking the organ from the donor, preparing the patient, the operation itself and the follow-up treatment. He said he would like these calculations to be used by the health insurers that cover the costs of the transplants.

Transplants in Czech Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine (IKEM) in 2001-2011:
2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
heart 28 38 34 35 37 34 44 40 49 40 43
kidney 174 167 183 191 182 188 229 172 187 179 185
kidney and pancreas 25 23 23 25 18 25 27 26 28 20 33
liver 41 40 38 59 64 67 79 66 72 74 64
deceased organ donors 82 68 79 92 93 94 103 103 90 103 92

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