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Poll: Czechs' trust in EU at record low

30 April 2012

Prague, April 27 (CTK) - Czechs' trust in the European Union and its institutions has been constantly decreasing, having fallen to the record low 40 percent this April, according to a poll conducted by the polling institute CVVM and released Friday.

For the first time since 2003 when the questions about the EU started to be asked, it fell below the 50 percent level.

On the other hand, 54 percent said they fully or fairly distrusted the EU. The trust in the European Parliament, the European Commission and EU president has been falling as well.

When it comes to the trust in EU institutions and representatives, mistrust is also slightly higher than trust. The European Parliament is enjoying the confidence of 30 percent of Czechs, while it was 34 percent a year ago.

The trust in the European Commission fell to 28 percent from 34 percent a year ago.

Trust in European President Herman Van Rompuy fell from 27 to the current 22 percent.

Compared with April 2011, the trust in the United Nations and NATO has fallen as well.

The former institution is trusted by 54 percent of Czechs, which was 9 percent less than a year ago, the latter by 48 percent of Czechs, compared with 56 percent in April 2011.

The poll was conducted on a sample of 1,048 Czechs over 15 years in early April.

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