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ČSSD sole party able to push through modern welfare state, says deputy chairman

2 May 2012

Prague, May 1 (CTK) - The Czech Social Democrats (CSSD) are the sole major party capable of pushing through modern welfare state, CSSD deputy chairman and senator Jiri Dienstbier said at the party's May Day celebrations in Prague Tuesday.

"Tuesday we are faced with the effort at dismantling the European model of social state," he said.

The government is eliminating conditions for a dignified life, it introduces an unjust social system, Dienstbier said.

"I think it is time to carry out a change as soon as possible," Dienstbier said.

He said financial sources will have to be found to deal with the current problems.

That is why the CSSD is pushing for individuals' progressive taxation as well as higher taxes for firms.

If it succeeded in the next elections, it would embed property statements. Those who would not be able to prove they gained their property legally, would pay a 76 percent tax, Dienstbier said.

He called on the participants in the rally not to turn away from European integration and to think about its importance.

Party chairman Bohuslav Sobotka did not attend the Prague celebration because he took part in a rally in Vyskov, south Moravia.

He said the CSSD will make use of every opportunity to provoke early elections to the Chamber of Deputies.

Sobotka said the party wants to turn the autumn regional and Senate elections into a referendum on the current centre-right coalition government's future.

Server wrote that Communist party (KSCM) chairman Vojtech Filip made a speech at a CSSD rally in Chomutov, north Bohemia.

This has been for the first time since the fall of the communist regime in late 1989.

Sobotka said he would not invite the Communist chief to such an event.

It has been speculate that the CSSD, if it won the next elections, might rule with Communists or with their support, which would be for the first time since 1989.

The KSCM is a party in parliament. It has had 26 deputies in the 200-seat Chamber of Deputies for a second consecutive term.

The CSSD banned its government-level cooperation in a resolution from 1995, but some party members call for its abolition from time to time.

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