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Number of obese children on the rise

25 June 2012

Prague, June 22 (CTK) - The number of obese children in the Czech Republic is four times higher now than 15 years ago and the number of juveniles receiving medical treatment for obesity is five times higher, according to fresh statistical data.

In 2011, 20.5 per 1000 patients visiting paediatric practitioners were obese children, compared to 5.5 in 1996.

In the category of children between 15 and 18, the number rose from 8.8 to 47.

Jitka Kytnarova, paediatrician from Prague's General Teaching Hospital, said this alarming development is connected with children's unhealthy life style.

Apart from obesity, children and juveniles most often visit the doctor over allergy. The number of kids suffering from allergy has been rising as well.

Per 1000 registered patients, 141 children and 205 juveniles were treated for allergy last year.

A total of 375,000 children under 15 visited their paediatrician last year, which is 382 per 1000 registered child patients, compared with 362 in 2010. The child patients' most frequent troubles were respiratory and skin diseases and problems with sight.

A total of 268,000 juveniles, 619 per 1000 patients registered in this age category, were treated by paediatricians last year, compared with 555 per 1000 registered in 2010. They most often went to the doctor with respiratory diseases, problems with sight and endocrine diseases.

A total of 2039 paediatric practicians cared for Czech children last year, which is about ten doctors per 10,000 kids.

The average number of child patients treated by one paediatrician was 5913. The average number of each paediatrician's registered patients was 952.

The overall number of check-ups was 12 million, 71.4 percent of which were curative treatments, a slight increase against 2010. On the contrary, the portion of preventative check-ups dropped by one percentage point to 24.6 percent.

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