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Justice minister meets with prosecutor Bradáčová

13 July 2012

Prague, July 12 (CTK) - New Czech Justice Minister Pavel Blazek and state attorney Lenka Bradacova debated the proposal for her appointment as head of the Prague High State Attorney's Office (VSZ) at their meeting yesterday and they had the same opinion on many issues, they told reporters.

Bradacova's appointment was proposed by Supreme State Attorney Pavel Zeman.

Blazek (senior government Civic Democrats, ODS) and Bradacova agreed that they would meet next week with Zeman as well.

However, Blazek refused to say whether he would make the definitive decision on the appointment of the Prague VSZ head after the meeting.

Bradacova said she and Blazek had a similar view on the prepared bill on state attorney's offices, too. But they debated it only in general terms so far, she added.

"I think that there is big space for us to reach consensus in the future. I think that we have the same opinion on a number of matters," Bradacova said.

She herself prefers abolishing the high state attorney's offices.

Blazek said details of the new bill must yet be discussed.

Zeman proposed Bradacova's appointment in June. The then justice minister Jiri Pospisil (ODS) was prepared to appoint her the Prague high state attorney. But before he managed to do so, President Vaclav Klaus dismissed him on the proposal of Prime Minister Petr Necas (ODS).

Necas cited Pospisil's failure to manage the ministry among the reasons, but speculations emerged saying Pospisil had to go because he planned to fill the post of Prague high state attorney with Bradacova. Necas rejected the speculations.

Bradacova told public Czech Television (CT) yesterday that if political discussion on the Prague VSZ head were to harm the state attorney's office, she would give up the post.

Blazek met Zeman on Monday. Zeman then insisted on his proposal that Bradacova be appointed the Prague VSZ head.

However, Blazek said he would like to debate Bradacova's appointment with the four former supreme state attorneys first.

Bradacova, 39, occupies the post of deputy regional state attorney in the Ustecky Region, north Bohemia, and she is the president of the Czech State Attorneys' Union.

Bradacova is widely praised for her anti-corruption fight. Her office remanded former Social Democrats (CSSD) regional governor David Rath in custody on suspicion of bribery in May.

In the past, she backed the dismissed state attorney who criticised the halting of the criminal proceedings of the former deputy prime minister Jiri Cunek. She also called on supreme state attorney Renata Vesecka to resign in 2009.

Bradacova criticised the passivity of the Prague High State Attorney's Office that did not react to the calls by Swiss bodies to join the prosecution and exaction of damage from Mostecka uhelna (MUS) coal mining company managers.

Zeman said previously Bradacova was not very popular among some ODS members.

The post of the Prague VSZ head has been vacant since Pospisil dismissed Vlastimil Rampula over his serious mistakes in important cases. Rampula and his deputy Libor Grygarek then resigned as state attorneys, too.

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