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Peake's LIDEM party unveils logo

19 September 2012

Prague, Sept 18 (CTK) - The Liberal Democrats (LIDEM), the smallest Czech ruling party, yesterday unveiled its new logo and final form of its web page.

Since its establishment in the spring, the party has used a preliminary version of its web and logo.

The logo shows first a multi-colour, then blue line with five dots above it and the party's name LIDEM below it.

The logo is to symbolise the development of views and effort at arriving at a consensus, graphic designer Stepan Holic told journalists.

The web page will include the party's programme and the link to its transparent account, LIDEM leader Karolina Peake said.

Peake said the party would not take part in the autumn Senate and regional elections.

Instead, it wants to concentrate on a "well-thought and determined construction of the party," she added.

LIDEM will hold its constituent congress in November. At it, the members will elect party bodies.

On Friday, the LIDEM submitted the official application for the European Liberal Democrat and Reform Party (ELDR).

In early November, LIDEM representatives will take part in the ELDR congress in Dublin, Peake said.

LIDEM is a breakaway party that was formed after the Public Affairs (VV) left the government earlier this year.

The VV went into opposition.

The Interior Ministry registered the LIDEM party in late May.

Peake is deputy prime minister in charge of combat with corruption. Besides, the LIDEM has Transport Minister Pavel Dobes and Local Development Minister Kamil Jankovsky.

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