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Ústí region sees biggest socioeconomic shift

20 September 2012

Prague, Sept 19 (CTK) - The Ustecky region in northwest Bohemia registered the biggest socioeconomic shift from all Czech regions in the past four years, according to results of the fifth annual survey MasterCard ceska centra rozvoje assessing the economic situation of Czech towns and regions.

The survey, prepared by a team of experts from the University of Economics in Prague, took into account unemployment rate and the number of companies and VAT payers in the regions, for example, in its assessment.

The Liberecky region in northern Bohemia came second, followed by the Moravskoslezsky region in northern Moravia

"The Ustecky region scored high above all thanks to a rise in the share of people with a university degree employed in the region, and with the increasing interest in the region among entrepreneurs," Milan Damborsky who headed the team working on the study said.

"The Liberecky region ranked second thanks to the strengthening of knowledge-based economy of the region and the increasing level of inhabitants' education," Damborsky said.

The very good ranking of the Moravskoslezsky region was influenced above all by a growth in business activity, he added.

The analysis covered all 14 regions. It used 12 indicators for their assessment.

Among regional capitals, the development was the most favourable in Ostrava, the seat of the Moravskoslezsky region. Ostrava was followed by Karlovyy Vary in the Karlovarsky region and Brno in the Jihomoravsky region.

Ostrava scored the best in the assessment of the development of unemployment rate and the share of the long-term unemployed, for example.

The survey used seven indicators for the assessment of the development in regional capitals. The study focused on the period from 2008 to 2011 because data for 2012 are not available.

Index of socioeconomic development in 2008 - 2012 in individual regions:

region value of index in percent
regions showing above-average development Ustecky 94.29
Liberecky 90.29
Moravskoslezsky 90.14
Karlovarsky 89.84
regions showing average development

Pardubicky 88.37
Prague 87.38
Olomoucky 87.36
Plzensky 87.19
Jihocesky 86.52
Stredocesky 86
regions showing below-average development

Jihomoravsky 85.99
Kralovehradecky 85.44
Vysocina 84.26
Zlinsky 83.16

source: MasterCard ceska centra rozvoje 2012

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