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Far-right radicals clash in Kralupy

1 October 2012

Kralupy nad Vltavou, Central Bohemia, Sept 28 (CTK) - A march that Czech radical nationalists held on the St Wenceslas holiday in Kralupy Friday resulted in a clash between them and their opponents, with the police fortunately succeeding in keeping the two camps separated by a stream.

Several dozens of police intervened in the town centre where a clash broke out between 150 far-right radicals and about 300 of their opponents who attacked them, throwing glass bottles, apples and firecrackers across the stream separating the two groups.

Eyewitnesses said bags with excrements were also thrown.

The police finally dispersed the attackers.

No one was injured.

The far-right march across the town then continued with the participants chanting slogans such as "Freedom, Freedom!", "Nothing But the Nation!" and "We Don't Want Multi-culti!". It ended an hour later without any further incidents.

On the opponents' side of the stream, a concert was held and banners with the Antifa movement's logo and with slogans condemning the nationalist march were put up.

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