Friday, 25 April 2014

Právo: Boeing pilots dazzled by laser in Czech sky

8 October 2012

Prague, Oct 5 (CTK) - The Czech police are investigating who dazzled by laser the pilots of the Boeing 777 aircraft flying on a Hong Kong to Paris route over the Czech Republic on Wednesday evening, daily Pravo writes Friday.

The Prague air traffic control authority told the police at 22.40 on Wednesday that a Boeing pilot was dazzled by a green laser light at the altitude of 11 kilometres, Pravo writes.

The laser ray was released in the Frydlant area in north Bohemia close to the German and Polish borders, it adds.

"The Frydlant police immediately started a search for the source of the ray along with a police helicopter from Prague," local police spokeswoman Ludmila Knopova is quoted as saying.

"However, they did not manage to find the place from which the ray was released," she added.

Knopova said someone could send the laser light also from the neighbouring Germany or Poland.

According to the Technical Commission of the Czech Association of Pilots of CSA, the laser attack on the aircraft that is about to land poses a very serious threat to security, Pravo writes.

If a laser ray hits the pilot's eye, he cannot work for several seconds, while a worse damage can be caused, it adds.

"At the moment of dazzling, the pilot loses orientation and he virtually cannot control the aircraft. The hit pilot cannot see for several moments. In the worst case, his vision can be permanently impaired," the pilots said.

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