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Right-wing extremists protest in Ústí nad Labem

8 October 2012

Usti nad Labem, North Bohemia, Oct 6 (CTK) - Some 70 people took part in a protest march against socially "unadaptable" citizens passing by dormitories inhabited mainly by Romanies in Usti nad Labem Saturday.

No serious incidents occurred during the anti-Romany march.

Only small groups of supporters of the extra-parliamentary extremist Workers' Party of Social Justice (DSSS) and anarchists were verbally attacking each other. However, armoured policemen divided both camps to prevent any brawls.

The march was led by the DSSS members with flags and banners.

The DSSS is a successor of the banned Workers' Party (DS) that a court dissolved in February 2010, complying with the proposal of the government saying the DS is extremist and poses a threat to democracy.

Saturday's meeting in Usti was organised by Milan Sura, the DSSS's candidate in the upcoming regional elections.

On this occasion, Sura recalled another similar march in the town staged last year in which some 400 people participated.

He promised that they would meet again if the authorities did not start solving the situation with problematic inhabitants.

Romanies were supported by activists from the Hatred Is No Solution civic group.

They say the state of emergency was declared in the dormitories and their inhabitants were not allowed to go out and open windows over the march.

"We suppose that this tactic is entirely wrong. Neo-Nazis will thus get space to deliver their spiteful anti-Romany speeches directly outside the dormitory and scare its inhabitants. This will cause psychologically harm primarily to the children living in the dormitory," group spokesman Miroslav Broz said.

The number of policemen deployed in the Usti streets was about the same as the number of protesters, police spokeswoman Veronika Hysplerova said.
"Some 50 persons were checked and one man brought to a police station," she said.

Moreover, 30 municipal policemen were on alert, along with the riot unit in Usti and a special riot unit of the Usti region.

It was established in reaction to the escalating anti-Romany unrest in north Bohemia, mainly in the Sluknov border area, notorious for tense relations between the majority population and Romanies, where crime has been rising lately.

Several anti-Romany rallies were staged in the region last summer when hundreds of people, including ultra-right extremists, marched to the houses inhabited by Romanies. Only some 100 people came to a similar meeting in the spring.

Police intervention in the area costs over 70 million crowns last year.

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