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Court rejects compensation for Kurd's marred trade

12 October 2012

Brno, Oct 11 (CTK) - Kurdish doctor and businessman Yekta Uzunoglu will not receive the requested almost 260 million crowns in compensation for a frustrated trade in railway engines as the Czech Supreme Court (NS) has rejected his appellate review, CTK has found out in the court's database.

Uzunoglu demanded the sum for his allegedly lost profit since the unlawful prosecution and custody prevented him from completing a contract between Cromway Holdings and Skoda Plzen companies for which he was to receive a commission.

Lower-level courts concluded that there was no direct connection between Uzunoglu's prosecution and the collapse of the huge contract. Consequently, the state is not responsible for the damage incurred, the NS ruled.

In 1994, Uzunoglu represented Cromway Holdings that allegedly wanted to buy 60 railway engines from Skoda Plzen for 1.8 billion crowns and spare parts and services for another 3.75 billion. Uzunoglu was to receive a commission of 2.5 percent of the deal's total value.

Both parties reached a preliminary agreement but then Uzunoglu was taken into custody and the deal was scrapped.

Uzunoglu later put the damage he suffered at 81.2 million for the marred trade in railway engines and another 178.1 million for spare parts and services.

Besides, Uzunoglu claims a high sum as an alleged silent partner of Cromway Holdings.

Uzunoglu, who lives in the Czech Republic, was charged with fraud, blackmail and torture in the mid-1990s and he spent over 2.5 years in custody. His prosecution lasted nearly 13 years. He was acquitted of all charges in 2007 only.

Since then Uzunoglu has filed over 100 legal complaints, demanding compensation from the Czech Republic worth billions of crowns in total.

The Justice Ministry paid him 5.95 million crowns in compensation for his unlawful prosecution and remanding in custody, which has been one of the highest compensations approved in the country.

However, Uzunoglu claims that his stay in custody and subsequent trials interrupted his promising business career and he demands a higher compensation.

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