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Poland stands closest to Czech Republic, says Klaus

12 October 2012

Warsaw, Oct 11 (CTK) - President Vaclav Klaus considers Poland the closest country to the Czech Republic, he said after a meeting with his Polish counterpart Bronislaw Komorowski Thursday.

Komorowski praised mainly business relations between both countries.

"I consider Poland the country that stands closest to us. I have been to this country most frequently in my life and I suppose that I have visited it most often in my capacity as president as well," Klaus told reporters who did not get a chance to ask questions.

Komorowski said "the level of bilateral trade and economic relations is undoubtedly one of the criteria of the Polish-Czech cooperation's level."

Last year, Poland was the third most important country for Czech exporters. Czech export to Poland amounted to 7.3 billion euros, while cars were the major export products. Polish firms imported goods for 7.1 billion euros to the Czech Republic.

However, Polish-Czech economic relations were harmed in winter by a scandal of several Polish firms selling technical salt as table salt to sausage producers, fish processors, diaries and bakeries.

Poland recently temporarily banned import of Czech spirits in reaction to a number of methanol poisoning cases caused by the consumption of bootleg alcohol in the Czech Republic.

Klaus, who arrived in Warsaw for a two-day visit, and Komorowski discussed energy security and the development of energy and transport infrastructure Thursday.

Komorowski recalled that a highway connecting both countries would be completed in 2013.

The highway section in north Moravia was to be opened at the begining of the summer when Poland was one of the countries hosting European Football Cup.

Klaus will also meet the chairpersons of both houses of Polish parliament, lay a wreath at the grave of unknown soldier and he will receive an honorary doctorate at the Stefan Wyszynski University.

The Polish presidential couple will host dinner for Klaus and his wife tonight.

On Friday, both presidents will open the Czech-Polish economic forum.

Klaus will then fly to Krakow to commemorate the late Polish president Lech Kaczynski and his wife at their grave in the crypt of the cathedral at the Wawel royal castle. They died along with another 94 people in a tragic accident of the government special plane near Smolensk, Russia, two years ago.

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Of course Klaus is right. Poland is just as corrupt as the C.R.,they have a president who is just as stupid as he, members of parliament,ministers, secretary's of state are fully involved in bribes, and the church is ruling the game.