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Poll results no reason for cabinet's resignation, party leaders say

15 October 2012

Prague, Oct 14 (CTK) - The results of the Czech regional polls, in which the right-wing government parties suffered a defeat, are no reason for the cabinet's'resigantion and early elections, the ruling parties' leaders told public Czech TV yesterday.

Prime Minister Petr Necas, head of the senior government Civic Democrat (ODS), and Finance Minister Karel Schwarzenberg, chairman of government TOP 09, rejected the opposition's call for early elections to the Chamber of Deputies, the lower house of parliament.

The call is "an unsurprising legitimate opinion of the opposition," Necas said in the Questions of Vaclav Moravec discussion programme.

Necas and Schwarzenberg reiterated yesterday that the coalition government, comprising also the LIDEM party, would end only if it were incapable of pushing through its bills in the Chamber of Deputies.

"If the government is not able to secure a majority for its budget policy, there is no point in keeping it alive artificially," Necas said.

In spite of the fact that some ODS deputies reject the government pension reform and mainly its crucial tax package, Necas said he believes that the government would find majority to make the bills through.

Schwarzenberg pointed to the commitment to push through the government programme. If the government failed to do so, it would have no reason to continue, he added.

"We should not confuse regional polls with elections to the Chamber of Deputies. We did not score a great success but it does not mean that we should abandon what we promised to voters," Schwarzenberg noted.

The opposition left-wing scored a triumph in the regional polls on October 12-13. The Social Democrats (CSSD) won the elections in nine regions, the Communists (KSCM) in two, and the Mayors for the Liberec Region and the ODS each in one region,

CSSD chairman Bohuslav Sobotka reiterated that in view of the government parties' defeat, they cannot pretend that nothing happened and keep implementing the planned reforms.

TOP 09 is to submit to Necas its candidate for labour and social affairs minister to replace the outgoing Jaromir Drabek.

In this respect, Schwarzenberg said TOP 09 deputy chairwoman Helena Langsadlova would be an excellent candidate. She headed the party's list of candidates in the Central Bohemian region. However, there are also other suitable candidates, he added.

"We will make decision in time," he said.

Drabek announced after the corruption scandal of his deputy Vladimir Siska that he would hand in his resignation as of the end of October.

Necas said yesterday he expected TOP 09's proposal for Drabek's successor as soon as possible.

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