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Some 60,000 people admitted to psychiatric hospitals in 2011

15 October 2012

Prague, Oct 13 (CTK) - A total of 59,925 patients were hospitalised in psychiatric wards in the Czech Republic and another 100,000 people were treated in outpatients psychiatric surgeries in 2011, according to data from the Institute of Health Care Information and Statistics released to CTK.

Men were most often treated with disorders provoked by alcohol and illegal drugs, while women suffered from neurotic disorders and children from psychological development, behavioral and emotional disorders most frequently.

Last year, 1532 patients died in Czech psychiatric hospital.

The number of hospitalised adult patients increased by 756 year-on-year, while the number of hospitalised children dropped by almost 9 percent to 2698 hospitalisations in 2011.

Over a quarter of patients were hospitalised with disorders caused by the consumption of alcohol or illegal drugs, more than one-fifth with schizophrenia and some 16 percent with neurotic and stress disorders.

One third of men, or 10,245 out of 31,750, ended up in psychiatric hospitals over their abuse of alcohol and illegal drugs.

The most frequent reason for women's hospitalisation was neurosis from which 5759 out of 28,166 female patients suffered.

The Health Ministry, in cooperation with psychiatrists, is preparing a reform of psychiatry that would transfer the care from large psychiatric clinics to smaller facilities, closer to patients.

The problems of mental disorders will be also discussed at the World Congress of Psychiatry to be held in Prague on October 17-21.

The average length of a psychiatric treatment amounted to 64.1 days. It decreased by almost one day year-on-year.

The treatment of sexual disorders required the longest treatment od 399 days on average, followed by schizophrenia with 100 days of treatment on average.

Most patients needed further outpatient care after they were released from psychiatric hospitals, 47 percent of them permanently. Only 5 percent of patients did not need further care after their release.

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