Friday, 25 April 2014

Senate polls turnout second lowest in history of elections

22 October 2012

Prague, Oct 20 (CTK) - Turnout in this year's Czech Senate elections final was 18.61 percent out of some 2.8 million eligible voters, that is 520,216 people, which was the second lowest figure in the history of the polls to the Senate that was established in 1996.

Participation in comparison with the first election round one week ago when also regional elections were held was about 50 percent.

The biggest number of votes of the senators elected, or 9,284, was cast for Daniela Filipiova (Civic Democrats, ODS) in a Prague ward.

Filipiova, who was competing with Communist (KSCM) candidate Vojtech Dolejs in the second round, received three times more votes than in the first round.

The biggest number of votes in percent - 74.39 - was cast for anti-corruption activist Libor Michalek (for Pirates).

The lowest number of votes, or 5373, which was 1000 fewer than a week ago, was enough for Zdenek Berka (Social Democrats, CSSD), mayor of Sokolov, west Bohemia.

Women's representation in the new Senate will be one lower than until now, or 14.

The average age of newly elected senators is 57.

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