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Former intelligence head faces charges

31 October 2012

Prague, Oct 30 (CTK) - The police have raised information leak charges against Karel Randak, former head of Czech counter-intelligence and a member of the board of the Anti-Corruption Endowment, Randak himself and Sarka Pokorna, the Prague 1 state attorney, confirmed to CTK yesterday.

The public broadcaster Czech Television (CT) has said another person from the Government Office was charged with the crime, too.

The prosecution relates to the publication of the amount of the bonuses received by Jana Nagyova, head of the office of Prime Minister Petr Necas, leader of the Civic Democratic Party (ODS).

"I have received the information on the opening of my prosecution over information leak from the police," Randak said.

Randak said he then asked a lawyer's office to draft a complaint.

"I disagree with the charge. I feel it is strongly expedient," he added.

Randak said it was the Government Office that had lodged the criminal complaint against him.

Randak told CT he connected the prosecution with his presidential candidature.

If convicted, Randak may be sentenced up to seven years to prison, Pokorna said.

The information on Nagyova's salary and bonuses leaked to the public at the beginning of the year.

According to the media, Nagyova is paid the basic salary of about 30,000 crowns a month.

However, thanks to various bonuses and contributions, the real sum is several times higher.

In March alone, Nagyova had 273,000 crowns of the gross pay, which meant some 190,000 crowns of net salary.

Necas has said the publication of the bonuses for Nagyova amounted to a political attack.

He said the media had published the stolen personal documents, whereby it "crossed the Rubicon."

Another 20 employees of the Government Office reportedly received similar bonuses as well.

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