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Klaus rejects Austrian opposition to nuke energy

12 November 2012

Vienna/Prague, Nov 10 (CTK) - Czech President Vaclav Klaus cannot understand the sharp Austrian opposition to nuclear energy, he told Austrian daily Kronen Zeitung before his visit to Vienna this week.

Klaus said he believes the Austrian opposition to nuclear energy is a political game of politicians and anti-nuke activists rather than the real opinion of the public.

He indicated that the anti-nuke activists do not listen to any argument.

The nuclear-free Austria has protested against the Czech Temelin nuclear power plant, situated 60 kilometres from the borders of Austria and Bavaria, for years, challenging its safety. Two new blocks are to be built in Temelin in future. The third and fourth blocks are to be completed in 2025.

When asked about his rejection of possible demands of Germans and Austrians forced to leave their homes in Czech border regions after World War Two, Klaus said the past cannot be changed and should not be turned into a political issue.

In his interview for Kronen Zeitung, the Eurosceptic Klaus criticised the EU, saying the present model of European integration is a mistake.

He said he believes the EU key political representatives do not want to see reality.

Klaus will spend three days in Austria next week.

According to his website, he will meet his counterpart Heinz Fischer, Prime Minister Werner Feymann, parliament head Barbara Prammer, Viennese Mayor Michael Haeupl and Viennese Archbishop Christoph Schoenborn. Apart from Vienna, Klaus is to visit the towns of Eisenstadt and Rust.

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