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Former police president dismissed as head of police's security service

14 November 2012

Prague/Brno, Nov 13 (CTK) - Former Czech police president Vladislav Husak, 47, had to leave the post of the police protection service's head since his security vetting expired, Police Presidium spokeswoman Zuzana Souckova told CTK yesterday.

Deputy police president Tomas Kuzel therefore dismissed Husak on Monday. Husak will keep working at the Police Presidium but in another position, Souckova added.

Husak has already asked for a new security vetting, Kuzel told reporters in Brno yesterday.

Husak's deputy Jiri Komorous will be temporarily heading the protection section. It is not sure whether Husak will return to the post after he passes the security vetting, Kuzel added.

Husak was in the past criticised over his contacts with dubious businessmen, such as Tomas Hrdlicka and Roman Janousek.

Husak became the head of the section protecting constitutional officials in April being appointed by then police chief Petr Lessy.

Lessy previously dismissed Husak as his deputy at Husak's own request.

Husak handed in his resignation as deputy police chief in reaction to media reports about his meeting with Hrdlicka and lobbyist Janousek, along with former Prague mayor Pavel Bem.

Husak defended himself saying he only dropped in since he saw his acquaintances.

Lessy accepted Husak's resignation only in late March when lobbyist Janousek knocked down a woman with his car while driving drunk.

Husak said he did to want the police work to be questioned in the case. However, there was no suspicion of Husak communicating with Janousek about this case, Lessy said.

The BIS civilian counter-intelligence service was interested in the Janousek-Husak meeting in 2007 when Husak headed the police, the daily Mlada fronta Dnes reported.

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