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Czech ministries may be merged to cut costs

22 November 2012

Prague, Nov 21 (CTK) - Czech Deputy Prime Minister Karolina Peake (LIDEM) Wednesday proposed that the health ministry should be merged with the labour and social affairs ministry and the transport ministry with industry and trade ministry, while the Ministry of Regional Development should wind up.

Peake said she expected the government to agree with one or both of the proposals for 2014.

She added that in all, she would like to save up to ten billion crowns in the civil service in the year.

The proposal discussed by ministers in charge of economic affairs suggests the savings of 7.7 billion crowns.

The industry and trade, agriculture and regional development ministers are to propose further cuts in two weeks, Peake said, adding that the final sum should be increased.

The total economy also depends on the price for which they will sell the property as proposed, Peake said.

The government will discuss the proposal in December.

Peake said the merger of some civil service bodies constituted the main points of the economy.

A single body supervising food quality should emerge, also due to the recent methanol scandal that has claimed tens of lives, she added.

The merger of the Energy Regulatory Office and the State Energy Inspection are also likely, Peake said.

Peake said she did not consider the merger and closure of ministries the crucial measure in the proposed economy.

It is rather a measure in the sphere of organisation, she added.

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