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Poll: More Czechs reject violence against Roma minority

22 November 2012

Prague, Nov 21 (CTK) - The proportion of Czechs with a negative position on Romanies has slightly decreased over the past seven months, but it still makes up almost three-quarters of society, according to a poll finished by the polling agency STEM in early November and released Wednesday.

Most, or 69 percent of Czechs, reject violence against Romanies, which was about one-third more than last October.

The negative position on Romanies was voiced by 71 percent of Czechs, 4 percent fewer than this April and the same proportion as last October.

Only 5 percent of Czechs have a good relationship with Romanies, while one-fifth said they had as good a relationship with Romanies as with anyone else.

The agency also asked whether Czechs are afraid of Romanies.

Some 43 percent said they were, 44 percent said they were not and the rest did not give any answer.

The proportion of people with a negative position on Romanies has oscillated at around 70 percent in the past 18 years.

The figure fell to a record low in 2005 when it was 63 percent, while a record high of 75 percent was registered this April.

There has been a much bigger oscillation when it comes to the Czechs' attitudes to the movements and individuals who advocate the use of strength against Romanies.

At present, violence against Romanies is rejected by 69 percent of Czechs, roughly one-third more than last October.

On the other hand, only 16 percent of Czechs favour violent steps, while it was almost one-fourth a year ago.

People with elementary education and the poor tend to agree more often with violence against Romanies than the rest.

The absolutely negative position on Romanies is also mainly voiced by the people with elementary education, while those with secondary education tend to assume a slightly negative stand.

The poll was conducted on a sample of 1,062 Czechs over 18 on October 27-November 5.

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