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LIDEM sponsor's businesses receive public orders worth CZK 2bn

28 November 2012

Prague, Nov 27 (CTK) - Firms owned or co-owned by Dalibor Tesar, sponsor of the Czech government party LIDEM, or people close to him have gained orders worth two billion crowns from the state Road and Motorway Directorate (RSD) since 2009, a RSD audit has shown, the Ceska Pozice server has reported.

A crushing majority of them were orders for road repairs and maintenance.

Earlier this year, Tesar gave two sponsor gifts worth a total of 2.25 million crowns to LIDEM, a party that came into being this spring when it splintered off from the centrist Public Affairs (VV) and replaced it as the smallest government partner.

Tesar provided the money to LIDEM via cresco&finance, a firm with bearer shares, Ceska pozice writes.

It names six companies linked to Tesar that gained public orders worth 750 million crowns in 2009, 850 million crowns in 2010, and almost 320 million crowns from July 1, 2011 to May 2012.

The Transport Ministry has had five heads since 2009. They were Petr Bendl (Civic Democrats, ODS), Gustav Slamecka (unaffiliated, nominated by the ODS), Vit Barta (VV), Radek Smerda (unaffiliated for VV) and Pavel Dobes (formerly VV, now LIDEM).

Dobes has announced his resignation over the poorly working car register as from December 3. LIDEM is seeking his successor who would be acceptable for Prime Minister Petr Necas (ODS).

($1=19.507 crowns

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