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MfD: Controversial RU-486 abortion pill headed for Czech market

29 November 2012

Prague, Nov 28 (CTK) - The effort at registering on the market the controversial abortion pill RU-486 thanks to which women can end pregnancy even at its advanced stage has reappeared in the Czech Republic after a couple of years, Mlada fronta Dnes writes (MfD) yesterday.

Czech authorities will discuss the authorisation of the abortion pill RU-486, though it is already easily available via the Internet, it adds.

However, the firm that wants to sell it has declined to answer any questions, MfD writes.

It is apparently afraid of the emotions stirred by the pill, MfD writes.

The drugs office is not allowed to provide any information, it adds.

"The emotions caused by the pill are useless," gynaecologist Jaroslav Imrych is quoted as saying.

"As abortion is enacted as legal, the pill is just one of the opportunities with which to perform it. Nothing more, nothing less," Imrych said.

Doctors say in unison that nothing prevents the use of the pill in the Czech Republic, MfD writes.

However, the conditions should be the same as those valid for normal induced abortion, it adds.

"This means that it should only be accessible in hospitals, based on a medical check-up. Women should not be allowed to buy the pills at the pharmacist's and prescribe them themselves," Imrych said.

For 20 years, RU-486 has been legal in Britain, France, Germany and Sweden, MfD writes.

"It is considerate to the woman," Ales Rozehnal, another gynaecologist, is quoted as saying.

The pill is available on the Internet. An "abortion package" can be bought without a prescription for 80 euros, MfD writes.

The pills are genuine and they reach the customer within three days of ordering, it adds.

"It is routine business," Slovak dealer Hana Beckley told the paper.

She has sent about 400 abortion packages to customers, some of them in the Czech Republic, since this spring, MfD writes.

"The money matters. In Slovakia, abortion costs 300 euros plus the necessary check-ups as well as ultrasound scans which are paid. As a result, some 400 euros are paid," Beckley said.

The pill has been registered neither in the Czech Republic nor in Slovakia.

"As the pill's Internet sale is illegal, we will tell the law enforcement bodies," Valeria Pernisova, spokeswoman for the Slovak drug office, is quoted as saying.

Slovak women can find the instructions on the Internet saying that the abortion package can be used until the 22nd week of pregnancy, MfD writes.

"Czech legislation puts it clearly that abortion for other than health reasons is only possible till the end of the 12th week," Imrych said.

Later, the induced abortion can only be performed for health reasons, not as wished by the woman, MfD writes.

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