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Police say detained man knowingly sold bootleg booze

29 November 2012

Brno, Nov 28 (CTK) - The Czech police say the 30-year-old man they arrested in Moravia on Friday not only traded in bootleg liquors containing a high level of methanol, but is even suspected of selling the lethal alcohol knowingly, police officer Vladimir Machala told CTK yesterday.

A 50-year-man died in Brno after consuming liquor bought from the suspicious dealer coming from the Prostejov area, south Moravia.

The latter has ended up in custody and faces up to ten years in prison for endangering people's health, if convicted.

Along with him, the police prosecute a 50-year-old woman from Brno who sold the alcohol supplied by the dealer to random buyers.

The police uncovered 140 barrels with alcohol, most bootleg vodka, in the man's house. For now it is reliably sure that 25 litres of the liquor in the barrels are so dangerous that a mere one drink of it would kill the consumer.

The dealer knew he was offering poisonous beverages for sale, because in his home the police found a laboratory assessment of a sample of the alcohol he kept, which showed dangerous, Machala said.

It is curious that the police cracked down on the man while he was sitting at home and drinking rum from his suspicious barrels along with his friends. The rum they drank, too, contained a higher than permitted methanol level, but was not lethal, Machala said.

The police detected the suspect after the hospitalisation of the alcohol consumer in Brno last Thursday. The police found an almost empty barrel with vodka containing a clearly lethal alcohol-methanol mixture in the home of the drinker who died on Sunday.

In September, a scandal broke out over a series of deaths of people poisoned by methanol-tainted liquor. The government declared a temporary partial prohibition before taking protective measures to eliminate liquor of uncertain origin from shops.

A total of 37 people have died of drinking bootleg alcohol so far, including 27 in September, three in October and five in November.

Machala warned all who would try to buy cheap illegal alcohol. The risk of poisoning still persists, he said.

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