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Police seize CZK 3.9m from Public Affairs' account

29 November 2012

Prague, Nov 28 (CTK) - The Czech police have seized 3.9 million crowns from the account of the former government Public Affairs (VV) party within a raid against a group suspected of tax evasion worth over 200 million in fuel deals, anti-corruption police spokesman Jaroslav Ibehej told CTK yesterday.

Policemen have seized a total of 30 million crowns in the case.

On Tuesday, detectives detained 15 people. One of them is the VV's main sponsor, lawyer Daniel Musil, the server reported.

"We have accused seven people in the case. Some of them of tax, fees and other obligatory payments evasion, and some of the legalisation of profit from criminal activities," Ibehej said.

Detectives carried out several home searches seizing two luxurious cars and some 1.7 million crowns in cash.

The police put the damage caused by the group at 230 million crowns.

VV chairman Radek John dismissed on Tuesday that the case could concern his party.

He told reporters that Musil had donated 0.5 million crowns to the VV as a private person in 2011.

"We have not received money from any firms connected with fuels sales, and consequently the case does not concern the VV at the moment. Nevertheless, we will watch it closely," John said.

He added that the money for the VV did not come from tax evasion.

The VV split and left the government in the spring.

Last year, the VV received 38.4 million crowns from sponsors, the major part of which came from the firms that are directly or indirectly connected with Musil, according to the media.

The VV admits that Musil is behind the companies Kastelis (gift of 3.5 million crowns) and Malepar (2.68 million crowns). Moreover, Musil personally gave another 0.5 million crowns to the VV.

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