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Slavkov battle reconstruction attracts some 10,000 viewers

3 December 2012

Tvarozna, South Moravia, Dec 1 (CTK) - Over 10,000 viewers watched the reconstruction of the Battle at Slavkov (Austerlitz), where the Napoleonic army scored a famous victory 207 years ago, which was staged by 900 history fans in period uniforms from 11 countries Saturday, Miroslav Jandora told CTK.

"The attendance was slightly higher than last year thanks to a beautiful weather," he said.

The two-hour show offered a cavalry with 60 horses and 15 canons shooting at the battlefield, Jandora, one of the organisers, said, adding that no one was injured.

Some 50 policemen helped coordinate transport in the surroundings of the battlefield. They mainly solved problems with the parking of hundreds of cars.

The event is held annually with a different scenario to mark the battle's anniversary.

Military fans show various phases of the battle. This year they presented the final phase of the decisive fights on the Pratec heights and the retreat of the Austrian and Russian coalition troops to Slavkov and Hodonin, both south Moravia.

The budget of the battle scene is put at two million crowns.

The events commemorating the Battle of Three Emperors take place the whole weekend. They usually attract up to 50,000 tourists to the locality. The battle scene performed by members of military clubs from various countries is the most attractive part of the programme.

Other events are held by the Slavkov Chateau administration and the town.

The programme will culminate on Sunday with a commemorative meeting at the Peace Cairn on Prace hill near Slavkov.

Earlier, the Moravian National Municipality association will organise the 2nd ascent of te mound with the peace memorial to commemorate civilian victims in the Moravian region that was plundered after the battle.

In the Battle at Slavkov on December 2, 1805, Napoleon's French army defeated the armies of Emperor Franz I and Russian Tzar Alexander I. It has been the largest battle in Central Europe since the early 19th century.

A total of 20,000 soldiers perished at the battlefield. Historians estimate that twice more inhabitants of Moravia died as a consequence of the battle.

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