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Kosovo wants to cooperate with Czechs, needs aid, investment

4 December 2012

Prague, Dec 3 (CTK) - Kosovo is interested in more cooperation with the Czech Republic, it needs aid and investment in infrastructure, Czech Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg said after a meeting with his counterpart Enver Hoxhaj Monday.

Hoxhaj said Schwarzenberg is a great friend of Kosovo.

The Czech Republic recognised Kosovo's unilaterally declared independence of Serbia in 2008.

Czech President Vaclav Klaus was against it.

Schwarzenberg told in reply to CTK's question Monday that Klaus has not changed his opinion.

"As far as I know he keeps his stand," Schwarzenberg said.

Klaus has long sided with Serbia. The Czech opposition also criticised Kosovo's recognition.

In its declaration of independence, Kosovo pledged to be a democratic, secular and multiethnic state that will see to it that all inhabitants enjoy the same rights.

Kosovo has been striving for coming close to the EU. With its help it is striving for dialogue with Serbia that does not want to recognise Kosovo's independence.

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