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New mobilisation plan reflects defence budget cuts

4 December 2012

Prague, Dec 3 (CTK) - The new Czech mobilisation concept that outgoing Defence Minister Alexandr Vondra presented to the National Security Council Monday reflects the cuts in the defence budget and the decreasing number of reserve troops.

Vondra will present the new concept, available to CTK, to the public on Tuesday.

In 2015, the new concept is to replace the current one agreed on in 2005. The Czech government has to change the respective laws and prepare new ones by then.

Apart from the state of war and the state of peace, the new concept introduces an emergency state. If the emergency state is declared, military draft will be obligatory.

According to a Defence Ministry report, the Czech Republic is losing the capability to introduce a wartime organisational structure due to the decreasing spending on defence.

Under the current system, the Czech state has about 1,600,000 reserve troops. This number decreases by approximately 60,000 every year because the Czech military has gone professional and military service is not compulsory anymore.

The new concept makes it possible for foreigners to join the Czech military and for Czech citizens based abroad to join allied foreign armies.

The National Security Council also discussed the future of the Czech supersonic aircraft, namely the possible further lease of Gripen fighter jets.

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