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Power output of Czech nuke plants to hit records this year

5 December 2012

Prague, Dec 4 (CTK) - Electricity output of Czech nuclear power plants Temelin and Dukovany will most likely reach record-high values this year, CEZ energy group said at a press conference Tuesday.

Temelin exceeded last year's record on Monday this week and Dukovany is expected to beat its record at the end of the year.

Temelin's two units generated 13.913bn kWh of electricity last year. So far this year, the plant generated 13.946bn kWh. CEZ expects full-year output to reach 15.229bn kWh.

Dukovany has produced 14.448bn kWh of electricity this year. Last year it generated 14.369 TWh.

The output of Temelin and Dukovany could be even higher if it were not for regulation requested by the state-run power distribution network operator CEPS this autumn owing to an unplanned flow of electricity from Germany, CEZ board chairman Vladimir Hlavinka said.

CEZ expects both nuclear power plants to generate record-high amount of electricity even in 2013. The output of Dukovany will, however, be restricted slightly by a shutdown that CEZ plans in order to materialise measures the necessity of which has been revealed by stress tests.

CEZ expects the costs of application of the measures ensuing from stress tests on both nuclear power plants to amount to Kc1.5bn.

"The higher the output of nuclear power plants, the less we can use our thermal power plants, which can be helpful in the forthcoming period for which we have not yet signed a contract with (coal supplier) Czech Coal regarding the extreme rise of coal price required from its side," Hlavinka said.

Temelin is now in the focus of attention owing to the planned construction of another two units. One of bidders in the tender is U.S.-Japanese company Westinghouse. On Monday, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrived in Prague to support Westinghouse.

The other bidder in the Temelin extension tender is Czech-Russian consortium MIR.2000. France's Areva has been excluded from the tender but has appealed the decision.

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