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Support to nuclear energy grows further among Czechs

7 December 2012

Prague, Dec 6 (CTK) - Two thirds of Czechs are for further development of nuclear energy in the Czech Republic, 4 percentage points more than in May, according to the latest poll of agency STEM.

The share of the respondents who think that nuclear energy can be replaced by energy from other sources is falling. Growing support to the completion of nuclear power plant Temelin corresponds to this.

The poll's results confirm that doubts provoked by last year's disaster at nuclear power plant Fukushima, Japan, are getting weaker. After the disaster, support to nuclear energy in the Czech Republic sank to a half.

Despite that, the current support to nuclear energy has not yet reached the peak from 2009 when over 70 percent of Czechs were in favour of its development.

On the other hand, support to renewable energy sources is falling. The current poll shows that 44 percent of Czechs think that nuclear energy is replaceable. Still in May, 48 percent of Czechs voiced such opinion, after the Fukushima disaster it was 52 percent but in 2009 only 42 percent.

One of the arguments strongly in favour of support to nuclear energy is fear that energy dependence would pose a security risk for the country. Some three quarters of Czechs subscribe to this view in the long term.

The share of Czechs who consider Temelin as a modern nuclear power plant comparable with the best power plants in the world is still a bit higher.

If there was a referendum on the construction of new units at Temelin, 67 percent of Czechs would take part in it and 76 percent of them would back the construction. This would make 65 percent of the whole population.

There is a growth in both variants since May when 60 percent of people were for Temelin's completion as were 70 percent of those who would vote in the referendum.

The Czech Republic now has four nuclear units in Dukovany, southern Moravia, and two in Temelin, southern Bohemia. Power company CEZ, which prepares construction of two more units in Temelin, expects record output of domestic nuclear power plants this year.

The poll was made among 1,062 respondents aged over 18 between October 27 and November 5.

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