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TOP 09 wants to abolish offices' agendas, not ministries

7 December 2012

Prague, Dec 6 (CTK) - The proposals to merge ministries are but an opinion of the Civic Democrats (ODS), TOP 09's priority is the abolishing of agendas of offices, not their renaming, TOP 09 deputy group head Petr Gazdik told CTK Thursday.

He said no one has informed TOP 09 about the merger of some ministries.

TOP 09, a government coalition member, has not received any information about that Deputy Prime Minister Karolina Peake (LIDEM) should become defence minister either, Gazdik said.

"We are not ready for that names on offices will be changed, this is only the ODS's opinion. We want offices to be small and effective and their clerks to be clearly responsible for what they are doing at the ministries," Gazdik said.

He was reacting to the agreement struck by the ODS and LIDEM under which the transport and the industry and trade ministries would be merged into an economy ministry to be headed by Martin Kuba (ODS), current industry and trade minister.

Peake would become defence minister replacing Alexandr Vondra (ODS) who has resigned as from December 7.

Pavel Dobes (LIDEM) left the post of transport minister as from December 3.

"If someone wants to merge the transport and industry ministries, this could happen, but it would have to be a small effective ministry with clear, transparent rules of decision-making, and not the juggernaut like the industry and transport ministries are now," Gazdik said.

Peake's nomination is only on the level of media speculations, Gazdik said.

"The coalition partners have not yet informed us, it is their decision and their responsibility," he said.

The leaders of the government coalition parties, the ODS, TOP 09 and LIDEM, are to meet on Friday morning to discuss the filling of the transport and defence ministries.

ODS deputy group chairman Zbynek Stanjura told server that the ODS wants to push through the abolition of up to four ministries as from mid-2014 [when the current government's term ends] into an adjusted coalition agreement.

This would mean the merging of the transport and industry ministries, the education and culture ministries, and the agriculture and environment ministries.

The Local Development Ministry would be completely abolished. According to previous information, the Government Office would have a greater say in managing European funds.

If the mergers were being prepared until mid-2014, they would only take effect during the term of the next government. They are not directly affect the number of ministers in the current government.

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