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Poll: Czechs vote Obama as most trustworthy foreign politician

10 December 2012

Prague, Dec 7 (CTK) - U.S. President Barack Obama is the most trustworthy foreign politician for most Czechs, according to a poll conducted by the polling institute CVVM in mid-November and released Friday.

On the other hand, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is enjoying the least trust among Czechs.

The recently re-elected Obama is being rather trusted by 66 percent of those polled and rather mistrusted by 21 percent, while no opinion was given by 11 percent.

A mere 2 percent of Czechs do not know Obama. Along with Russian President Vladimir Putin (6 percent do not know him), German Chancellor Angela Merkel (10 percent) and former Ukrainian prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko (15 percent), now jailed, Obama is one of the best known foreign politicians.

On the other hand, 79 percent of Czechs do not know Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann and 70 percent NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen, United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and Assad (all 70 percent).

Assad is also the least trustworthy foreign politician to whom the trust was not voiced by any of the respondents, while 19 percent do not trust him, 11 percent gave no answer and the rest does not know him.

In general, Czechs do not trust foreign politicians very much. Out of the 21 personalities, only British Prime Minister David Cameron and Merkel are trusted more than mistrusted (plus 12 percent and plus 11 percent, respectively).

On the other hand, the biggest negative difference was recorded for Putin (minus 54 percent), Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez (minus 29 percent) and Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych (minus 28 percent).

The poll was conducted on a sample of 1,053 people on November 12-19.

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