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France's Areva wants to re-enter Temelín tender

18 December 2012

Prague, Dec 17 (CTK) - France's Areva wants to continue fight for the Czech nuclear power plant Temelin and it considers the way of its exclusion from the tender as non-standard, the Czech daily Mlada fronta Dnes (MfD) said yesterday.

Areva's representatives say the price offered by Areva was in order and that it wants to defend its stance even at the highest instance court.

Thomas Epron, Areva's regional head for Central Europe, said the French company had provided guarantees in the supplied documentation that the final price of Temelin's expansion will not exceed a certain level and the cost of the project worth Kc200bn to Kc300bn will not see a manifold growth.

CEZ spokesman Ladislav Kriz told the paper that Areva's bid in a number of points failed to meet the defined, excluding criteria and the legal framework and that CEZ in each of the points in detail explained the reasons.

Areva has fulfilled all requirements set by CEZ in the tender documents including the fixed price. Areva provided a fixed prices whose structure had been defined by CEZ. Areva fully (100 percent) respected this requirement, Epron told MfD.

For now, CEZ did not make public the explicit reasons behind Areva's exclusion as it does not want the situation to get worse before the affair has been settled.

Areva did not meet seven or eight out of 100 excluding criteria, the guarantee of the fixed price being one of them, according to MfD's information. "That is why CEZ has not consulted on further offers," the paper said.

The dispute over the correctness of the way Areva was disqualified from the tender process can be complicated by the fact that Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg had disclosed the information about Areva's exclusion during his visit to Paris yet before the information was officially published by CEZ, MfD writes.

Areva has filed an appeal to the Czech anti-monopoly office UOHS which issued a injunction under which CEZ cannot sign a contract with a possible winner of the tender until the final ruling on the case is issued, MfD said.

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