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Poll: ČSSD would win elections

18 December 2012

Prague, Dec 17 (CTK) - The Czech senior opposition Social Democrats (CSSD) keep their position of front-runner in party popularity polls, followed by the senior ruling Civic Democrats (ODS) and the junior opposition Communists (KSCM), according to a poll the STEM agency released yesterday.

Another two parties that would cross the 5-percent parliament threshold in early December are the junior ruling conservative TOP 09 and the Christian Democrats (KDU-CSL), who are not represented in the Chamber of Deputies.

The number of the voters who do not know what party to support or whether they will take part in the elections has increased recently, STEM said.

The CSSD was supported by 26.5 percent of respondents, the ODS by 13.9 percent and the KSCM by 12.7 percent.

TOP 09 and the KDU-CSL follow with 9.1 and 4.6 percent, respectively.

Another party approximating the parliament threshold is the Citizens' Rights Party of Milos Zeman (SPOZ).

The sum of respondents includes undecided people, those who do not prefer any party or are unwilling to tell their preference, and also those who do not plan to take part in the elections.

That is why the preferences found are somewhat lower than the respective parties' results would be, if elections were held now, STEM said.

In term of deputies' mandates, the CSSD would gain 87 seats in the 200-seat Chamber of Deputies.

The ODS would gain 43, the KSCM 35, TOP 09 25 and the KDU-CSL ten seats.

If elections were held next week, the turnout would be 53 percent. Twenty percent of Czechs clearly refuse to go to polling stations while 27 percent are considering whether to do so, the poll showed.

STEM conducted the poll on December 1-7 on 1074 citizens.

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