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Activists protest mass carp killing

20 December 2012

Prague, Dec 19 (CTK) - Activists fighting for animal protection yesterday staged a protest against the traditional sale and killing of carps in the street before Christmas in the Czech Republic.

They attracted public attention by their stall with a sign "The Sale of Christmas Dogs" that they built in Prague centre.

Dogs are kept as pets in the Czech Republic. However, in some other parts of the world people eat them commonly, the activists explained.

They said they consider the sale of carps in the street before Christmas and their eating for Christmas Eve's dinner inhuman and anachronistic.

"People are able to sympathise with dogs very strongly and this is why we want to use this example to demonstrate what so called Christmas carps may go through these days," organiser Marek Vorsilka, from the Open Your Eyes civic association, told reporters.

A tradition of celebrating the holiday of peace and love by the mass tormenting and killing of living creatures in public is absurd, the activists pointed out.

One of them was dressed up like a butcher with a big knife and he pretended to cut dog's meat, which was actually red-coloured seitan, a wheat substitute of meat.

Living dogs were tied up to the activists' stall. The passers-by were also shocked by the displayed pricelist reading: killing for 29 crowns and stripping off the skin for 59 crowns.

Vorsilka points out that the carps kept in tubs with water for a couple of days are suffering a lot, they are often injured, stressed and exhausted and they are starving.

The Czech tradition of eating carp at Christmas Eve is only 100 years old. Previously people used to have vegetarian Christmas dishes instead, he recalled.

($1=19.124 crowns)

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