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Officials say Klaus criticises, fails to offer solution

2 January 2013

Prague, Jan 1 (CTK) - Czech President Vcalav Klaus realistically conceded in his New Year's speech that the situation in the country has worsened, but he did not offer any solution, Bohuslav Sobotka, chairman of the opposition Social Democrats (CSSD), said.

Prime Minister Petr Necas, chairman of the Civic Democratic Party (ODS), praised the speech as a critical analysis based on firm values.

Government TOP 09 chairman and Foreign Minister Karel Schwazrenberg said Klaus's speech was rather a sermon, he mentioned negative phenomena, but did not indicate any way towards an improvement.

Karolina Peake, chairwoman of the government junior party LIDEM, praised that Klaus warned about various "saviours" offering quick solutions at a time of economic recession.

This was Klaus's last New Year's speech before his second and last five-year term expires in March.

"I praise that President Vaclav Klaus realistically admitted an overall worsening of the situation in our country in the past few years, but he did not offer any solution adn he also forgot about his undoubted contribution to this situation," Sobotka said.

Schwarzenberg, running in the first direct presidential election to be held this year, said if he became head of state, he would be inviting politicians from all parties to discussions about the country's problems.

"It is a political and economic analysis based on firm values and realistic elements of optimism," Necas said.

He said he respects Klaus's defence of parliamentary democracy and his words criticising populists who are trying to score political points with slick and superficial slogans.

"I am gald that the president, traditionally, recalled all the good democracy and freedom have brought us and warned about saviours who offer quick and dangerous solutions to our dissatisfaction, even apathy that we sometimes feel," Peake said.

"I expect the government to also contribute to a positive mood with pro-growth measures and politicians with a more constructive dialogue next year," Peake said.

Communists (KSCM) chairman Vojtech Filip said Klaus completely avoided the issue of corruption.

"Precisely this, not any kind of citizens' profligacy, is the major cause of the growing antipathy of the broad public to Necas's government," he said.

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