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E-shops report record sales in 2012

3 January 2013

Prague, Jan 2 (CTK) - People spent a record Kc43bn in domestic Internet shops last year, Kc6bn more than in 2011, and on Christmas alone e-shops registered Kc17bn sales, according to the first results of a survey of the Association for Electronic Commerce (APEK).

Internet shops' operators expect further growth in sales this year.

"Even when the size of the total turnovers is increasing, the trend of lower average spending per person and smaller size of orders continued in 2012," said APEK director Jan Vetyska.

While in 2010 the average annual spending stood at Kc11,659, last year it was Kc9,280.

On the other hand, the number of persons shopping online regularly is rising. Five or more purchases a year in e-shops are made by 52 percent of Internet users, 91 percent buy online at least once a year and 98 percent of the users have at least one experience with Internet shopping.

Czechs no more order online only goods like TV sets and refrigerators but practically all goods, Vetyska added.

They buy in e-shops increasingly more often clothing, sports goods, jewellery and pet products.

Sales of services are growing significantly as well, for example financial services like insurance. The possibility of simple comparison of the offered products and frequently also lower price than in brick-and-mortar shops are the main advantages.

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