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Prague zoo's newborn gorilla is male

4 January 2013

Prague, Jan 3 (CTK) - The young that was born in the Prague zoo to the experienced gorilla mother Kijivu before Christmas is a male, genetic tests have shown, the zoo's spokesman Michal Stastny told CTK yesterday.

In the past days, the media speculated that the new arrival may be a male, judging by his photos. Now the supposition was confirmed by a test the experts made using the baby gorilla's umbilical cord.

The Prague zoo has kept gorillas since the 1960s but the first young, female Moja, was born to Kijivu only in 2004, immediately becoming the zoo visitors' favourite.

In November 2011, Moja left for a Spanish zoo to form a pair with a local male. She is reportedly pregnant now.

Kijivu's second offspring, male Tatu, was born in 2007 but he died unfortunately when playing with a rope last year.

In late 2010, Kijivu gave birth to another male, Kiburi.

Another of the Prague zoo's female gorillas, Bikira, had her first offspring in late 2011, but she rejected the young male who was eventually transferred to the gorilla "kindergarten" in Stuttgart, Germany.

Kamba, the oldest female in the Prague group, aged 40, had a stillbirth a few years ago. Now she expects a young again which experts say is risky in view of her high age and weak heart.

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