Sunday, 2 February 2020

The Good and the True

Prague Daily Monitor |
10 January 2013

This is the story of two people who went through the same places and experienced similar tragedies – and yet they never met. The pathes of their lifes crossed each other but also passed each other. Athlete Milos Dobry and actress Hana Pravda spent their working lives building suspense, knocking crowds into submission and drawing gasps from their onlookers. Both survived Auschwitz and witnessed murder first hand. Did they both have exceptional strength of character and an iron will or was their survival just 'good luck'. A remarkable piece of verbatim theatre, 'The Good and the True' weaves the true testimonies of two extraordinary people in an English adaptation, translated from the award-winning production 'Shoah' and directed by Daniel Hrbek for the Svandovo Theatre, Prague. Actress Isobel Pravda is the granddaughter of survivor Hana Pravda and plays her grandmother for the first time on stage. Actor Saul Reichlin is an award-winning actor whose own one-man play Shalom Alechem has been performed in the West End, Broadway and most major European Countries.

The show will premiere at Švandovo divadlo in Prague on January 18th and 19th before moving to England for a Czech theatrical history unique tour. During two weeks the show will visit Leeds and London. It will be shown as a part of Holocaust Memorial Day 2013 in the West London Synagogue. Post show discussion with creators will be held also, many of them in the presence of important personalities of Jewish cultural life in UK.