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Senators to challenge amnesty at Constitutional Court

15 January 2013

Brno, Jan 14 (CTK) - Czech senators proposed to the Constitutional Court (US) yesterday the abolition of that part of President Vaclav Klaus's amnesty that halts prosecution that has continued for more than eight years providing the maximum punishment does not exceed ten yers in prison.

The proposal signed by 29 senators was filed by Senate deputy chairwoman Alena Gajduskova (Social Democrats, CSSD).

The senators write that the amnesty violates the equality right of the citizens who were damaged by the amnestied and that deprives them of the opportunity of succeeding with their claims.

Klaus declared an extensive amnesty on the 20th anniversary of the Czech Republic in his New Year's speech.

The amnesty pardons some prisoners as well as people given suspended sentences and halts criminal prosecution that continued for minimally eight years and the punishment does not carry more than ten years. Critics from across the political spectrum say this will also cover some corruption and fraud cases.

Gajduskova said the amnesty breaches the fundamental rights and freedoms of many people. Up to 150,000 are spoken about.

However, it is not sure whether the US will debate the proposal at all.

US chairman Pavel Rychetsky said on Sunday the US judges must first look into whether they can review the amnesty at all and whether the law allows senators to challenge the amnesty in the form of a constitutional complaint.

The signatories of the proposal include former interior minister Frantisek Bublan (CSSD), senator and eliminated presidential candidate Tomio Okamura, Vladimir Dryml, member of the Party Citizens' Rights of Milos Zeman (SPOZ) and anti-corruption activist Libor Michalek.

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