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Patients fitted with first wireless pacemakers

16 January 2013

Prague, Jan 15 (CTK) - Czech patients have been the first in the world to benefit from the new leadless type of artificial cardiac pacemaker, Petr Neuzil, leading cardiologist in Prague's Na Homolce hospital who accomplished the first surgeries, told journalists yesterday.

The new device, designed to support heart's too slow pace, contains both batteries and a pacemaker and is planted straight in the heart, unlike the common types that are planted beneath the patient's skin and are connected with the heart through the artery system.

"We've have planted the revolutionary technology in 16 patients so far in cooperation with U.S. specialists," Neuzil said.

Up to 50 patients will receive the new device in Na Homolce hospital and about the same number in selected medical centres in Europe.

After the new technology receives the EU certificate, it can be introduced as a commonly used method.

Neuzil praised the new device's advantages such as a lower risk of infection and of mechanic defects, a higher comfort for patients and a favourable cosmetic effect.

The new technology LCP (Leadless Cardiac Pacemaker) has been developed by the U.S. company Nanostim, Inc. Its battery has a six-year lifespan and it can be replaced easily.

The device's placing in the patient's heart, through the artery system, is simple and practically painless as well.

The Na Homolce hospital has for a long time cooperated with U.S. experts in the research of heart diseases. That is also why Czech patients are the first to benefit from the new technology, Neuzil said.

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