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Presidential candidates invest CZK 147m in media campaigns in 2012

18 January 2013

Prague, Jan 17 (CTK) - The value of media campaigns of individual presidential candidates climbed to Kc147.4m in total last year, according to a poll conducted by company Admosphere.

Former caretaker primer minister Jan Fischer (unaffiliated), who eventually did not make it to the second round of the election, invested the biggest amount of Kc42.1m.

The second most expensive media campaign was led by ormer prime minister Milos Zeman (Party of Citizens' Rights, SPOZ), who invested Kc38.98m.

Third came Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg, the leader of the junior coalition party TOP 09, who occupied advertising space worth Kc23.2m.

Zeman and Schwarzenberg emerged as winners of the first round on January 11-12 and have advanced to the second round that is to take place on January 25-26, while the race ended for the remaining seven candidates.

Out of the other presidential candidates, senator Jiri Dienstbier (candidate of senior opposition Social Democrats, CSSD) invested Kc19.2m in his media campaign, Senate deputy chairman Premysl Sobotka (senior ruling Civic Democrats, ODS) invested Kc16m, and economist Vladimir Dlouhy invested over Kc7m.

The advertising spending of the remaining candidates, actress Tana Fischerova, Sovereignty party head Jana Bobosikova, Christian Democrat (KDU-CSL) MEP Zuzana Roithova and composer and artist Vladimir Franz are not included in Admosphere's data.

Comparison of pricelist value of advertising space bought by individual presidential candidates between January 1, 2012 and December 31, 2012:

Advertiser Type of media Pricelist value in Kc
Jan Fischer press 14,880,000
outdoor 22,576,000
Internet 2,325,000
cinema 2,323,000
total 42,104,000
Milos Zeman press 25,566,000
outdoor 13,412,000
total 38,978,000
Karel Schwarzenberg press 15,735,000
outdoor 951,000
Internet 6,520,000
total 23,206,000
Jiri Dienstbier press 9,449,000
Outdoor 6,401,000
Internet 3,370,000
total 19,220,000
Premysl Sobotka press 15,868,000
Internet 235,000
total 16,103,000
Vladimir Dlouhy press 1,798,000
outdoor 5,770,000
Internet 257,000
total 7,825,000
total 147,436,000

Source: Admosphere

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